Maximizing the value of traffic data

Alphanet provides real-time intelligence that helps take the best decisions to improve cities and keep people safe.
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Operating areas

Public Security

We provide intelligence and the tools to achieve an effective and efficient police force.


We help to transform your city into a safe space for citizens with the most advanced solutions.

Smart Analytics

We give visibility and traffic control; helping with data to add value to different areas of the city.

Statistics of data vehicle


“Get a real decrease in crime rates; even leading to the disappearance of some criminal typologies.”


“Improve police work, moving from a reactive concept to a proactive one, getting ahead of criminals.”


“Improve security effectively and efficiently: systems work 24/7 to empower and optimize your resources.”

The best platform to take control of your city

More than 180 cities already get benefit from the most advanced platform on the market.

Local Police forces and local administrations can manage the most advanced solutions for Public Security and Road Safety with it.

AlphaDataManager transforms the information into the necessary knowledge for making the best decisions for your city.

Statistics of data vehicles

What our customers say.

Why they choose us.


Our know-how is our great active. We have specialized for years in creating tools based on a deep knowledge of the sector, and a great vision of the future.


Cities that use our solutions have a verified feeling of tranquillity and well-being, both in clients and in the citizens themselves.


We work so that our solutions provide an efficient response to your needs and adapt to the way you work.

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