A unique technology to have the best data

AlphaDataManager has AI TrueData technology, wich through Artificial Intelligence and the power of Cloud Computing, is capable of learning from the information collected by the number of license plate readers connected to the platform, in order to offer higher quality information and discover unexpected data.

The system learns

of the information aviable

The system, equipped with Artificial Intelligence, learns to associate and verify information related to each vehicle.

More reliable data

over time

The more information the system stores, the more information is refined and errors and innaccuracies are discarded.

We give you data

when there is no data

The system offers information that readers cannot identify from the information interrelationships and its learning capacity.


“AlphaDataManager is a unique information ecosystem in the world. It adds value to the police forces and local governments tasks generating truthful data from his own intelligence.”

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