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The police platform that benefits the entire city

AlphaDataManager is the data management and exploitation platform that transforms all the information captured by the license plate recognition systems into the necessary knowledge to help make the best decisions.

The best tools in the best hands

AlphaDataManager has the most advanced functionalities on the market. Public safety professionals take advantage of our tools to achieve the best results. If you want to know more, ask us for a demo.

Advanced searching tools to exploit information

Compare different crime scenarios and find matches

View information like never before

Customizable dashboards: the information you want, always visible

Create infinite and different vehicle Blacklists

Share strategic information with other police forces

Manage unlimited users and groups with a flexible hierarchy

Control user permissions and audit all activities

Control your environment from a single platform

A unique technology to have the best data

AlphaDataManager has AI TrueData technology, wich through Artificial Intelligence and the power of Cloud Computing, is capable of learning from the information collected by the number of license plate readers connected to the platform, in order to offer higher quality information and discover unexpected data.

Main features

Web-based and safe Cloud

Accessibility and availability safely at any time and from anywhere.

Management mobile app

Alert receiving, plate searching, and HotList management in an iOS and Android app.

Constant updates and improvements

Automatic updates and constant evolution to adapt the tool to your needs.

Easy and intuitive use

Adapted design for a better user experience. Simple and intuitive interface.

Continuous training and support

The service includes ongoing remote and face-to-face training to improve user experience.

Integration with third-party LPR systems

API to connect with other public management tools and license plate readers from any manufacturer.

Secured and protected data

AlphaDataManager integrates different security layers following the most demanding international standards, which makes it a tool with full guarantees. From the security of the design of its components and functionalities, to the security of the data being managed, AlphaDataManager implements a security architecture with state-of-the-art measures that revolve around the axes of confidentiality, integrity, authenticity, traceability and availability of information. 

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