In Alphanet Solutions, we have always worked to lead the trends in the public security sector to offer the best products and services for citizens benefit. In this context, Cloud Computing is already a reality towards which we have directed our software services – such as AlphaDataManager  -, aware of its great benefits.

Nowadays the replacement of physical servers by the option of cloud storage is a general trend in any sector. This trend is not accidental and is based on different benefits that have a very positive impact on the way of working, optimizing resources, processes, and the security improvement of the information we store.


Advantages of Cloud Computing in Public Administration


Better control and data safety
Cloud Information storing assures us to access to data even in case we have any problem with physical equipment. Also, the Cloud services have periodic back-up systems; In this way, the information is fully protected against hypothetical losses.

There is a false belief about Cloud storage physical Security. People often think is weaker than physical server security, but it is not. Of course not. Cloud databases are actually a set of physical servers with military-grade cybersecurity with physical security standards.

Regulated and transparent
Data Centers and cloud storage service providers are obligated to comply with the strict regulations in force that regulate the location and specific requirements, as well as the treatment of stored information. Alphanet Solutions only relies on cloud service providers that demonstrate compliance with these regulations.

Access and Information availability
Working on Cloud, information is accessible from anywhere, at any time. This availability allows versatility and agility as never seen before.

Also, Cloud improves communication and processes between users, allowing information to be easily shared, improving workflows.

Cost reduction
Dispensing with physical servers allows direct savings on investment in infrastructure. The automatic and optimized resizing of the storage space, based on its use, implies that the cost is extremely adjusted to its use. Also, the investment cost is reduced by avoiding maintenance, licenses, repairs, etc.

Scalability and integration
Cloud technology and the tools that work with it are constantly updated and evolved automatically, allowing administrations to avoid having to make an effort to adapt to changes. Working in the Cloud means not being left behind. Also, the standards advance to improve the integration of different information systems to facilitate the transition of administrations.

Respect for the environment
The transition from physical to virtual resources implies a lower environmental impact of our activity, reducing the carbon footprint and pollution levels, a fact that also reinforces the image of the public administration in front citizens.


 AlphaDataManager: the Cloud Computing full potential in one platform

Our management and data exploitation platform take advantage of the full potential of Cloud Computing.
• Its cost is optimized according to the real needs of each client.
• Workflows and the ability to share information streamline police work.
• The platform grows and evolves, updating constantly.
• Allows work from anywhere, anytime and from any device.
• It can be integrated with other administrative information systems.
• Implements security measures to protect data.

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