Visiotech, a leading company in the security solutions distribution sector, will now distribute Alphanet Solutions products. Given the emergence of Smart tools for public management, Alphanet Solutions has emerged as a key company in the public security sector, more especially in the niche of managing and exploiting traffic data for Citizen Security, Mobility and analysis of data.

Visiotech: vision and position

Visiotech is a company that has positioned itself as a benchmark in the distribution sector thanks to a great vision of the future. After more than 14 years of experience and constant growth, Visiotech is today one of the main security wholesalers, with a presence in 63 countries and with more than 200 employees. His determination to find the best and most innovative solutions has made him look at solutions such as AlphaDataManager, a platform that aspires to become the market standard.


Alphanet Solutions wants to convey its satisfaction with the agreement, which materializes the mutual trust between both organizations, and aligns the visions of the future of both organizations, always innovative.


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