Yesterday, October 4, 2022, Axis Solution Day took place in a privileged enclave in the city of Barcelona: the World Trade Center. Axis, one of the world leaders in the manufacture of video solutions, was the promoter of the event. In it, very prominent technology companies from the security or mobility sectors, among others, shared experiences, opinions and action strategies in a very changing environment in the recent years.


Alphanet Solutions, reference company

Alphanet Solutions participated as a leading company in the vertical of solutions based on license plate reading, and management and exploitation of traffic data; in addition, he was also part of one of the colloquia that was held throughout the day, referring to Smart Cities. In this, they also participated Joan Lluís Casas, Head of the area of new technologies applied to security, the Cambrils Local Police and prominent user of the AlphaDataManager platform; Jordi Xirgo Tarrés, Head of the municipal territorial analysis unit; Jordi Charles, Key Account Manager of Genetec; and the Sales Director of Alphanet Solutions, Ricard Montserrat.


Smart Cities Colloquium: Cambrils, very satisfied with AlphaDataManager

We very positively highlight some of the statements by Joan Lluís Casas, who extolled the role played by our solution, AlphaDataManager, within his security project. He stated that he had “exceeded all initial expectations of him”, and that even now, they would feel “orphans without ADM” if they did not have it.

In addition, he also highlighted the cross-cutting value of the platform, closely aligned with the precepts of smart cities, stating that with it “you can trace improvements and mobility actions thanks to traffic data”; or that these same data, in the Smart Analytics module “generate a lot of value in the city council’s tourism area”.

Aligned with the vision of Joan Lluís Casas, Ricard Montserrat pointed out that the value of data is the key for any smart city project to succeed; but that as a developer of the management and exploitation tool, our role also lies in providing security and allowing their interoperability.


As usual, the organization of Axis was impeccable, and we appreciate the attention received at all times. We hope to continue working together for new projects and initiatives like this one.


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