Efficient Municipal Security

Accurate and Real-Time information to optimise security responses

The Dynamic Map offers an advanced visual representation on your police video wall. This is the latest functionality designed to improve safety and mobility in your city.

With this new tool:

  • All the information contained in AlphaDataManager and your AlphaAlert application is displayed in real time. From the geolocation of active patrols, to instant alerts on vehicles of interest, details of recent alerts and much more.
  • You’ll customise your experience to display only the information that matters most to you at any given time.
  • You will discover all the features of the dynamic map and how it can help you in the day-to-day management of local safety in your city.

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Joaquim Quadrada

Joaquim Quadrada

R+D Manager

Expert in Technical Management and R&D with extensive experience in the automotive, textile and security industries. Currently, Alphanet develops value-added solutions for citizen safety, mobility and Smart City applications using LPR technology.

Joaquim is an Industrial Engineer, specialised in mechanics, business management and, recently, Master in Data Science.

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