Given the incipient proliferation of municipal projects based on license plate readers related to citizen security or mobility, multiple options and variants of technical solutions have emerged, including AlphaDataManager.

Ricard Montserrat, Commercial Director of Alphanet Solutions, has conducted an interview in SeguCity (Unijepol’s official magazine), aimed to local police chiefs and managers with the goal of improving citizen security. It highlights the potential that AlphaDataManager has in police collaboration and the promising future it has with the implementation of the most cutting-edge technologies such as Big Data, Deep Learning, etc. Our main objective is to offer to the users a platform that provides intelligence and helps interpret data.


AlphaDataManager and police collaboration

The platform is responsible of the management and exploitation of the data provided by the license plate readers, to help make the right decisions in the verticals of citizen security and mobility. In addition, it allows real-time collaboration between the different police forces that work on it.

To provide some data, thanks to the almost 1,000 connected license plate readers, the platform issues monthly more than 2,000 vehicle search alerts to the different subscribed cities.

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