Smart City Expo World Congress
From 7 to 9 November, Barcelona will become the epicentre of urban innovation with the celebration of one of the most influential events in the field of urban innovation: the Smart City Expo World Congress 2023. This congress brings together leaders from innovative companies, governments and organisations to address the urban challenges of the future.

Alphanet Solutions will be present at this cutting-edge event participating as a co-exhibitor at the Generalitat de Catalunya Stand No. D60, to share our expertise and explore the latest developments in the sector, including artificial intelligence, data-driven design, high-tech, security and mobility solutions. The future of cities looks brighter than ever.

AlphaDataManager: Making Smart Cities

During Smart City Expo 2023, the smart solutions that are driving this new era will be presented to the world. Among these solutions is AlphaDataManager, a revolutionary platform with a unique collaborative ecosystem that converts security and mobility data into strategic insights for decision-making by police forces and different areas of public administration.

At the stand of the Generalitat de Catalunya no. D60, attendees will be able to discover how number plate reader data is revolutionising our cities and improving urban safety and efficiency.


Specialised Workshop on Security and Mobility for Smart Cities

On 8 November, from 15:30 to 16:00h, in the Agora of the Stand of the Generalitat no. D60, we will give a presentation entitled “Transforming Cities with Success: The Collaborative Model of Citizen Safety and Mobility of Catalonia”, led by Ricard Montserrat, Commercial Director of Alphanet Solutions, which aims to share the success story of the transformation of Catalonia as a pioneer territory in the collaborative model through the analytics of safety and mobility data in Catalan municipalities.


Join the Change

If you want to be part of the technological transformation in your municipality or city, you cannot miss the Smart City Expo World Congress. We invite you to visit us at the stand of the Generalitat de Catalunya and explore the opportunities offered by AlphaDataManager.

The future of cities starts here, we are waiting for you!

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